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Safeguarding and online safety


Keeping children safe in education

Further advice and guidance for parents
NSPCC - The Underwear Rule

A parent/carer guide to gaming from thinkuknow

If you have any concerns about children's safety you can speak to one of the designated safeguarding staff in school:

Mrs Rachael Beasley  (Family Support Worker) Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss Wendy Thorne (Acting Head) Deputy Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Samantha Waite (Acting Deputy Head and Inclusion Lead) Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Online safety

School security and lockdown information

It's important for parents to know that their children are safe in school. During a normal school day the site is kept locked with limited access for visitors who are required to sign in at the office. Staff are vigilant and will challenge strangers on site if they can't identify them - if you happen to be one of our visitors or parent helpers, please don't be offended if staff ask you to identify yourself - it's an important part of keeping your children safe. 

Schools always need to be prepared to act in the event of a threat. Most people have a good understanding of what happens if school needs to evacuate for things such as fire or gas leaks, but they tend to be less informed about what happens when we need to keep everyone safely inside the building. This process is called lockdown and it can be triggered by a variety of events or threats. Threats can range from severe air pollution warnings or weather alerts, to reports of potential intruders. To find out more about what happens in a lockdown situation click here

Your children's safety is our top priority and we are always happy to answer your questions, pop in, call us or use the Contact Us page to get in touch. 

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